What are the blankets made of, and where is your wool sourced from?

100% Merino Wool. Please read ‘About Wool’ page for all the benefits and facts.

Link: https://www.makhaus.ca/pages/about-wool

Our wool is sourced from Australia where woolgrowers produce their sheep’s natural fiber.

Are these blankets manufactured in warehouses?

Nope! Each of our blankets are handcrafted with love in our studio here in Canada. Each blanket is delicately made using the process of hand knitting and hand sewing. It takes several hours to assemble each blanket as well to ensure its quality. We also quality check and freshly steam your blanket(s) prior to packaging and sending out.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Payments will be processed in your currency, and the exchange rate will show on your billing statement.

For international orders, please contact us for inquiries and we will quote you the lowest flat rate to ship your blanket to you.

How long does it take to receive my blanket once I pre-order?

Due to the influx of initial orders, pre-orders placed between 10th – July 24th will be ready to ship 6 weeks from the 24th of July. Your payment will be processed within 3 days. You will receive an email notification when your order is ready to ship. For any additional questions pertaining to your order, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How will I know if an item is back in stock?

You can subscribe to email notifications to keep informed as to when our materials are back in stock. Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @makhaus.collection for all our store updates.

Do you make blankets for children?

Yes, we absolutely do. This blanket was initially designed for my son. I noticed how much it comforted him and I decided to share it with the world. Please select the Naava Collection for the toddler sized blanket. We recommend for Babies 0-13 months (if they are not walking or mobile) to use the blanket for lying on their backs using the smooth velvet surface faced upwards. This is to ensure they cannot suffocate if they roll over on their tummy on the knitted side. We recommend children 18 months to 3 years old not to carry the blankets on their own as they have weight to them. Over 3 years old is at the parents’ discretion.

Can these blankets be used for Yoga?

Yes they can. We recommend our blankets for Restorative Yoga. Our merino wool blanket is layered with velvet and is a great and ideal option for adding comfort, padding, and warmth to restorative asanas. As these blankets are hand knitted with a finished silky backside, many Yogis like to transition into a restorative pose to relax and recharge with a blanket draped over their body. The weight of our blankets will hug your body. Your muscles may feel a little sore after your workout, so keeping them regulated with our blanket will keep them warm at a comfortable temp which is essential for quick recovery.

Are these blankets weighted?

Our blankets are lightly weighted with even distribution due to the amount of material used. Each adult sized blanket is 10 pounds, and each toddler size blanket is 5 pounds. Please do not allow children under 5 to use or cover themselves with the adult size blankets as the weight may be overbearing. Please reference the description for the Naava Collection.

How do I care for my blanket(s)?

Over time of use, you can hand wash your blanket, spot clean if necessary, steam it, or dry clean only. Please reference the M A K Care Instructions in the blanket description. However, our favourite cleaning method is steaming as it is the easiest and fastest method to freshen your blanket.