Our chunky knit blankets are tightly hand knitted, and made of 100% luxury merino wool. It is breathable, has no added fillers, odor and stain resistant, a natural dust repellant, and has evenly distributed weight. The back side of the wool is enveloped in a silky velvet material that glides comfortably against your skin and gives you that extra cozy factor while at rest or relaxation. The natural wool fibers distributes the warmth while the velvet wicks away the extra heat and moisture allowing your body to regulate and not overheat, or get cold.



The velvet backing material is made from medium weighted luxurious polyester. Like silk, velvet is generally a high quality material used in clothing, furniture, and other items such as bedding. Although it’s luxurious luster has a staple for high style, it may make you think otherwise if you should lounge on it or wrap yourself in it - but go for it! Velvet itself is a very durable and lasting material. It’s a flat pile with no raised weaves or loose threads making it impossible to snag. Use a soft clean lint free cheesecloth or a soft bristled brush to remove debris and dirt from the velvet surface. After several uses, the velvet will age and patina beautifully over a long period of time. Velvet can be steamed to freshen the blanket and freshen back its luster if it every gets dull.



100% Luxury Merino wool. This wool is a luxury material and needs simple yet special and general care to maintain its longevity. The wool can & will slightly shed in it’s new state, but will shed and pill less the older it gets. Hand washing is preferred for the wool and velvet combination. Prepare your tub or wash basin with cool water and 1tsp of a wool safe/delicate care mild soap detergent. Stir water, then place blanket and swish around in water. Let soak for 20 min. Drain soiled water from basin then gently squeeze water from blanket. Repeat the process with clean cool water only. Once complete, face the knit down, gently roll the blanket, and squeeze out water thoroughly. Do not wring or twist. Prepare a flat surface with a few layered large towels, place blanket and allow to air dry up to 24-36hours, and flip periodically to ensure even airflow.

Once your blanket is dry, you can reduce pilling appearance on wool using scissors to cut loose fibers, or use your hand and gently pull it off.

Please Note: Wet wool and velvet can be heavy, be sure that your tub or wash basin has no more than 1 or 2 inches of water. The velvet backing will be fairly wet. After you lay the blanket on large towels, use another towel to blot velvet lifting the excess water. Feel free to use a fan to excel dry time.

Alternative to hand washing, you can steam, or dry clean only.

STEAMING PROCESS | Preferred Option over hand washing. Use a hand held steamer instead if you’re opposed to the hand washing or dry clean only methods. Steaming your blanket is an quick and easy method that will make your blanket fresh and full of life again after multiple uses. You can do this up to 2 times per year or as needed. Steaming will remove any wrinkles from the velvet and make the fabric appear clean and lush again. As well it will freshen the merino wool and rid any lingering scents. Follow up steaming with a spritz of fabric freshening spray to make it smell nice. Steam both sides of your blanket by holding the steamer about 6 – 8 inches away to prevent soaking it. Let dry for up to 6 hours or as needed.

SPOT CLEAN | Both Wool & Velvet: Mix one teaspoon of delicate care laundry detergent with 3 cups of cool water. Dip a clean, white lint free cheesecloth into the mixture and wring it out well. Gently dab any stains with the white cloth until all of the stains are gone. Do not rub. Make sure to remoisten the cloth as needed. Once the stain is gone, rinse the white cloth with cold water and wring it out. Then dab the spot to remove soap and any lingering residue.

Upon receipt of your blanket, take it out of its packaging and gently shake a few times to obtain it's fluff factor.

Colour in pictures may slightly differ depending on the lighting, handheld device or your computer screen.

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